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For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

Not finding your answer here, reach out directly to us through our Contact page.

Q: What do your websites cost?

A: Our prices depend on so many factors, it’s impossible to say in one sentence. Avoid any web developer who can answer this question without speaking to you about your wants and needs from your site. We will work with you via Skype, FaceTime, phone calls or emails and then respond accordingly with a quote for the site developed to fit your business needs.

Q: Why choose us?

A: We offer you 7 reasons to choose Salty Web Design

  • we build powerful websites
  • we emphasize simplicity
  • we are affordable
  • we are friendly
  • we only charge you when we do work for you
  • we are honest
  • you are the boss.

Q: Can you help me write content for my website?

A: Yes. We include copy writing and editing in all of our proposals. We also build your sitemap and help structure the foundation of your website in the planning stages.

Q: What platform do you build your websites on?

A: We build all of our websites on WordPress.

Q: How long does it take to build a website?

A: Our standard websites take approximately 4-6 weeks to create.  This time will vary from project to project.

Q: How does the payment process work?

A: The project starts with a 50% deposit. After design sign off and before we move into programming, we collect 25%. Once we have completed and fulfilled our scope, the final 25% is collected and your website is then scheduled for launch.

Q: Who will I work with during the project?

A: This is a great question to ask and you should ask it of any web design and development firm you are considering. Many firms will farm out work to freelancers or interns. Some firms give little or no access to client’s who want to speak directly with their designers. Our clients work directly with the designer.

Q: Will my website work on mobile devices?

A: Yes, using responsive designs we ensure our sites work on all devices: desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

Q: Do I own my website?

A: YES! Everything built by Salty Web Design will be 100% owned by you, the customer.