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What we Offer


Web Design

Unique, eye catching web design to increase visitors to your site. All websites we design are Responsive, viewable on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Website Optimization

Submitting sites to search engines, writing copy or just optimizing current site copy, keyword search engine direction (SEO). We also build your sitemap and help structure the foundation of your website.


Current website optimization and critique. We want you to succeed. Let us analyze your site and make recommendations for user-friendly design, flow and redirects.

Website Maintenance

We offer site maintenance for any and all websites we design. So if the fear of crashing your site terrifies you, let us update or make any changes for you.

Color, flow, spacing, balance and proportion

All the things needed for a great website

About Me

sunsets in paradise



sunsets in paradise



Michael spent over 10 years in nursing and medical field. He and his wife enjoy adventure and wanted to create a life that they felt a little of that adventure daily. Now we travel around the world. Michael has helped several local individuals with their sites and felt a sense of accomplishment in seeing their businesses grow. Michael has 14 years experience. He developed Salty Web Design to assist companies, resorts, bed and breakfasts, realtors, and tourist attractions on their website development. Michael likes working together with his clients to create websites and posts that will drive traffic and ultimately business to their businesses.

They Trusted Us.

clients big & small


working with good people

We have a new site and now we are on social media. Since Michael started working with us we have seen an increase in sales 200% over last year. He changed how we do business and right now business is GOOD!

castillo de pavones

Michael was amazing. He was patient with my lack of understanding of web jargon. He made it easy for me to give him the photos and words to end up with a site that I am excited to share! Thanks Michael!

AshleyCreative Director
solar sun

To be honest I had no idea about my website and how to increase visitors to my site. Michael updated our site and gave us tracking tools to see where visitors to our site were coming from. This allowed us to spend our marketing dollars in the right places to increase our sales.

SheriFounder / Creative Director
instudio design

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